The appearance of multi colored twins, who are already 13 years old.

The Biggs sisters were essentially identical to one another at birth. Common twins with comparable noses, eyes, and hair. One of the girls was a bit darker. The young ones are shown in the baby photo below.

The skin and eyes of one of the twins did, however, get darker each year. One was black, the other blonde.

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The girls are twins, despite the fact that it may appear from the outside that they are of different nations. How come? The situation is considerably simpler than it appears. The parents of the daughters come from various backgrounds. The image below will help you to comprehend everything.

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Mother of the twins Amanda is a native of England, and father Michael immigrated to the US from Jamaica. They fell in love with one another, and despite having different skin tones, being from different countries, and facing disapproval from friends and family, they stayed together.

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The pair were hitched a few months later. Amanda became pregnant quickly. And it just so happens that one of the twins resembles mom more than the other does.

They only recently rose to fame after one of the fashion publications included a picture of females on the cover. There was an item on twins’ lives in the magazine.

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The girls are 13 years old as of today. They participate in sports and attend school like all kids their age. The only difference between the twins, according to their friends, is their skin tone; otherwise, they are quite similar.

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Geneticists note that this event is incredibly uncommon. The Biggs sisters and their parents may have gained popularity as a result of this.

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